Postpartum Planning: 9 Essential Areas for Positive Postpartum Adjustment

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We specialize in all things parenthood - especially the mental health challenges that can come up alongside the ups and downs of parenthood.
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$20 CAD | Recorded On-Demand Workshop

Hosts: Jana Jesson + Kate Borsato

In this workshop, therapists Jana Jesson and Kate Borsato will guide you through 9 important areas of mental and physical wellness in the postpartum period, as well as common bumps in the road that we want all parents to prep for.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you’re expecting a baby
  • you want to be proactive about preparing for a smooth transition
  • you know there’s more to do than plan for birth, but want some guidance
  • you want to involve your partner in learning and preparing for your baby to arrive

When you’re expecting a child, there can be a lot of excitement and energy circling around pregnancy, and leading up to birth. Which makes total sense! But many couples feel a little stunned when it comes to most things post-birth. Many will wonder, “why did I put so much thought into the baby room and didn’t even think about much else??

Planning for a smooth postpartum adjustment should be as common as planning a baby shower, labour prep, or painting a nursery! Preparing for all the changes that are coming your way once your baby arrives is such an important opportunity to set yourself up to feel the best that you can. We know that having a baby can be a beautiful time, but can also be a vulnerable time for mental health challenges.

Things like anxiety, depression, and relationship disconnection are very common during the first year postpartum, and can have a significant impact on your initial experience as a parent.

The good news is there’s actually quite a lot that you can discuss, plan, and work through ahead of time that will help this transition feel so much more smooth (and help you avoid the smack-in-the-face reality check that can happen if there’s no prep). Prevention and planning can make all the difference, and allow you to fully focus on enjoying your baby and your time together as a family.

What You’ll Learn:

In this workshop, you’ll learn about and build a plan for areas like:

  • managing visitors
  • taking care of basic needs like sleep, nutrition and self-care
  • finding support and community
  • making tough decisions around parenting and values
  • navigating new roles and relationship changes
  • understanding mental health concerns during this time

You’ll also receive a discussion guide to review with your partner, along with the slide deck pdf, and unlimited access to the workshop for yourself and your partner. This class is a must-take for all first time parents.

Partners are HIGHLY encouraged to attend. 

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