Events + Groups

Join us for a variety of learning opportunities to help you strengthen your overall well-being, relationships, and find more balance in the stage of parenthood you're in.

While we love supporting clients in 1:1 therapy, we also know that this isn't the only way that you can get the help you deserve. Scroll the options below for on-demand and accessible ways to learn, heal, and grow.

Studies show that self-paced learning from online-programs can be as effective as therapy.


Free Support Group For Moms

We know that there are simply not enough places for moms to land and connect with others who are going through the same season. These groups offer a space to learn, share, and grow - with the guidance of our founder, Kate Borsato. 

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Live + On-Demand Workshops 

We're excited to offer online workshops - both live, and on-demand - that focus on the most common challenges and topics that come up for parents in their early stages of parenthood. 

Group Therapy for Anxiety in Motherhood

Introducing group therapy tailored exclusively for moms who are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and frequent worry.

We know that motherhood floods most parents with a new level of stress, but many moms are suffering from anxiety symptoms, and often in silence without any support. Anxiety can feel all-consuming and change your experience as a mother, so we want to offer you a way to learn the information and strategies that can make a massive difference.

Our video-based group sessions provide a cost-effective alternative to 1:1 therapy, which can be prohibitive for many people. We also aim to help create community and connection in this group program, because we know that the less alone you feel, the more likely you are to find relief from your symptoms.

Group therapy is often covered by extended health plans, so check your coverage. Moms across Canada are welcome to join the program, however the facilitators are registered in British Columbia and Ontario, and therefore benefit plans may limit coverage to those provinces. 


Looking For The Right Counsellor?

We're a team of mental health therapists across Canada who specialize in perinatal mental health. Let's find you the right fit!

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    Free Support Group For Moms