Doing Anger Differently: Navigating “Mom-Rage”

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$20 CAD

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by anger as a mom? You know the kind of mom you want to be, and you’re frustrated and worried when old pattens creep in. You don’t want to be snappy, irritable and angry, but sometimes life feels so overwhelming that it just spills out.

In this workshop, we’re here to help you understand anger in a completely new way. Rather than just seeing it as something to get rid of, we’re going to help you learn about what’s underneath so that you can actually get to the bottom of if and find a way to navigate anger differently than you have been so far.

We often hear about “mom-rage” and how we have to control this. And sure, we totally understand that you don’t want to be a “ragey” mom (we’re right there with you!). But our approach to navigating intense anger and rage is different than anything else we see out there. We’re bringing a blend of self-compassion, Internal Family Systems (IFS), relational, and systemic intersectional feminist perspectives, to guide you through the journey from mom rage to post-rage empowerment.

Expect to feel seen, validated, and hopeful that you’ll be able to do things very differerntly.

In this workshop, we’ll dive deep into the roots of mom-rage, helping you understand its causes and normalize your experiences. But that’s not all – we’re here to offer you practical strategies and tools to repair and reconnect after moments of anger, and ways to prevent yourself from bubbling over in the first place.

You’ll learn how to disrupt the destructive cycle of rage, shame, and guilt, paving the way for a healthier relationship with your children.

Don’t let anger control your parenting journey any longer – join us in this live workshop and take the next step towards a more peaceful and fulfilling family life.

Hosted my perinatal mental health therapists Sam Welsh and Kate Borsato.

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