How do I know if my therapist is a good fit? 10 signs you’re compatible

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When you find a therapist who you just click with, life becomes easier, lighter, and actually enjoyable. Going to therapy can feel vulnerable. You’re discussing hard things like emotional pain points, trauma, relationship challenges, or past experiences. With that considered, you obviously want to make sure that you find a good therapist to support you through the journey.

Finding a good therapist is essential for your mental and emotional well-being. You want to work with a therapist who understands your needs and can help you navigate the challenges you face. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten signs that indicate you’ve found a therapist who is a good fit for you. Look at this list. It’s not far-fetched to expect most or all of these things from your counselling sessions. You grow most with the person who you can relax around, open up to, and be honest with. When that happens, big shifts happen. 

  1. You feel like they actually understand

A good therapist will make you feel understood. You should sense that they genuinely grasp the issues you’re dealing with, both on a cognitive and emotional level. This understanding creates a foundation of trust and empathy in your therapeutic relationship. Feeling understood includes receiving advice or comments that feel accurate, helpful, and relevant. 

  1. You feel lighter after your sessions

Therapy is meant to provide relief and support. If you leave your sessions feeling emotionally lighter or more at ease than when you arrived, it’s a positive sign. A good therapist can help you process your emotions and find ways to alleviate your burdens. If you feel stressed, irritated, hopeless or angry after sessions, that’s a sign that this relationship may not be a fit. 

  1. Therapy feels productive AND fun when it needs to

Therapy doesn’t always have to be serious and somber. A good therapist will adapt to your needs and can infuse moments of humour or lightheartedness when it’s appropriate. This balance makes the therapeutic process more engaging and approachable. It will also make things feel less heavy and intense. 

  1. You feel challenged

Therapy isn’t just about comfort, it’s also about growth. A skilled therapist will challenge you to explore new perspectives, behaviours, and coping strategies. Feeling challenged means you’re working towards personal development and self-improvement. 

  1. You’ve noticed positive changes in your life

One of the most significant indicators of a successful therapeutic relationship is seeing positive changes in your life. It may be improved relationships, better coping mechanisms, less anxiety, or increased self-awareness. The progress you make in therapy should be tangible and impactful. What has changed since you started therapy? 

  1. You have the space to voice everything without judgment

A non-judgmental space is essential for therapy. A good therapist will create an environment where you can express your thoughts, fears, and vulnerabilities without fear of condemnation. This openness allows for honest self-exploration and growth.

  1. A past version of yourself would be amazed by the progress you’ve made

Reflect on your journey in therapy. If you feel that the person you used to be would be astounded by the progress you’ve achieved, then your therapist is likely helping you make significant strides in your personal development. What did your past self hope for? What was a former version of yourself struggling with? While progress isn’t linear, are you able to point to obvious ways where you’re changed, grown and improved? 

  1. They articulate your experience in a way that makes you feel seen

A skilled therapist will have the ability to put your experiences and emotions into words that resonate with you. Feeling seen and heard in therapy is crucial, and it’s a sign that your therapist truly understands your inner world. If you’re not understood properly, the advice, tools, and approach isn’t going to fit. 

  1. You’re able to look at uncomfortable feelings with guidance

Therapy often involves delving into uncomfortable emotions and experiences. A good therapist will provide guidance and support as you navigate these difficult feelings, helping you grow and heal. You should feel like you can tackle tough things without feeling overwhelmed. 

  1. Life feels better than it did

Ultimately, the most significant sign that your therapist is a good fit is when life starts feeling better than it did before you began therapy. You should experience a general improvement in your overall well-being, including your mental and emotional state. This means you benefit and these improvements will be felt by your family as well. 

Finding the right therapist can be a transformative experience. When you click with your therapist, you have a guide on your journey to better mental health, personal growth, and emotional well-being. Remember that it’s entirely reasonable to expect most, if not all, of these signs from your counselling sessions.

If you’re currently seeking therapy or counselling services, consider reaching out to our collective, which supports individuals across Canada. We offer a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with a trained and empathetic therapist. Our goal is to help you achieve the positive changes you seek and create a space where you feel truly seen and heard.

Therapy is a powerful tool for self-improvement, and when you find the right therapist, it can be a life-changing experience. We encourage you to learn more about our services, get in touch with any questions you may have, and try a session to see how we can help you make life feel better than it did before. Your well-being is worth the investment, and finding the right therapist is a crucial step on your path to personal growth and emotional health.

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