Group Counselling

Learn, grow, and feel deeply supported alongside others in the same stage as you. Explore our online group counselling programs below. 

With accessible cost, expedited topic-specific education, the collective wisdom within the group, and a powerful sense of connection to break down isolation - consider group counselling as part of your personal growth and mental wellness journey. 

Discover the power of community support and shared growth through group counselling.

Evidence-Based Skills to Manage Anxiety in Pregnancy and Postpartum

This is a 6-week group to support moms and moms-to-be who are struggling with symptoms of anxiety. In a small online group setting, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about why you're struggling with anxiety and how to implement realistic and effective strategies to help you feel more calm, grounded, and present in your day-to-day life. 

We know that motherhood floods most parents with a new level of stress, but many moms are suffering from anxiety symptoms, and often in silence without any support. Anxiety can feel all-consuming and change your experience as a mother, so we want to offer you a way to learn the information and strategies that can make a massive difference.

Our video-based group sessions provide a cost-effective alternative to 1:1 therapy, which can be prohibitive for many people. We also aim to help create community and connection in this group program, because we know that the less alone you feel, the more likely you are to find relief from your symptoms.

Group therapy is often covered by extended health plans, so check your coverage. We are currently offering programs for parents in British Columbia, and Ontario. Additional groups for other provinces will be available soon. 

program details

  • 6 Weekly Sessions (80 mins)
  • Total cost: $360 ($60 / session)
  • Video-Based Sessions
  • Maximum 12 Participants
  • Hosts: Kate Borsato + Therapists

This program is a good fit if: 


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Begins April 9th 2024 12pm - 1:20pm PST

Perinatal Anxiety Group

  • Week 1: Anxiety 101: What’s Happening, Why You, and How To Heal
  • Week 2: Becoming a Detective: Mindfulness Practices For Anxiety
  • Week 3: Managing Anxious Thinking Patterns: CBT Skills For Moms
  • Week 4: Intrusive Thoughts Deep Dive: How To Deal With Scary Thoughts
  • Week 5: Nervous System Regulation: Concrete Strategies to Calm Anxiety
  • Week 6: How To Create An Anxiety Resilient Lifestyle

  • you're a mom
  • you have anxiety symptoms
  • you're comfortable in a group
  • you can commit to 6 sessions
  • you're motivated to learn and practice new skills

Program Outline

  • you're not sure if you're struggling with anxiety or if it's something else
  • you don't like participating in groups
  • you can't commit to 6 consecutive weeks
  • you are in an acute crisis, having suicidal thoughts, or are needing urgent support to process trauma or other distressing events. 

This program is NOT A good fit for you if: 

Save Your Spot! Space is Limited.

Hosts: Kate Borsato +Jana Jesson

To register, click the button and scroll down to "Group Counselling," then click on Jana Jesson to go to her page. Select Perinatal Anxiety Group under Group Counselling and select 12pm PT on April 9th 2024 and click "Book Now".

Not sure if this is a good fit? Reach out to and we can talk through it together. 

*Currently offered to BC and ON residents at this time*

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